Brain Injury Litigation Cases and Neuropsychiatry

Neuropsychiatrists are the experts best equipped to handle litigation cases involving brain injury. They have undergone specialized training and have developed clinical expertise that allows them to describe the long-term implications of brain injury, as well as the psychological and psychiatric effects of brain injury. In addition, the cognitive deficits associated with brain injury are best evaluated by a neuropsychiatrist. Recent studies have shown a high correlation between brain injury and significant psychiatric disorder and suicide: At least three-quarters of patients with a brain injury have been shown to develop significant psychiatric conditions within five years of the injury, and suicide is not an infrequent outcome.

Lawyers frequently take on cases in which a major component of the settlement and the jury award is based on an evaluation of the long-term effects of a brain injury, whether caused by work injuries, physical altercations, car accident or countless other circumstances. This is not a minor area in the legal arena. Two percent of the American population suffers from a disability related to brain injury, predominantly trauma-based. Brain injury can, of course, occur at any age. A significant percentage of such cases have lifelong implications. This is crucial in determining how much income the victim has lost and will lose, as well as the pain and suffering caused by the psychiatric disorders associated with the injury.

As a psychiatrist with specialized experience in neuropsychiatry, I can argue cases for lawyers representing brain injury victims, presenting the information most appropriate to help them obtain the maximum possible awards for their clients.

In addition Burt Singerman, M.D is available and sits on our panel of experts. His extensive background working with our military as a national expert in soldiers with brain injuries—through his research with the Pentagon and the Department of Defense—has proved beneficial in some of the largest cases we have undertaken.

Please write to to discuss any cases in which you feel my expertise could be of benefit. We can discuss whether I would be the best representative for your case. If not, we can recommend other expert witnesses in our group who would be a more appropriate choice.

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