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Why Choose Psychiatric Expert Witness Network?

Access the country's top psychological and psychiatric minds easily with the Psychiatric Expert Witness Network. A phone call connects you to unmatched expertise for any litigation type. We guarantee a perfect match for your case from our high-quality expert pool. Our network boasts internationally acclaimed mental health expert witnesses and psychiatric legal consultants. Opt for the best minds to secure optimal case outcomes. By selecting the Psychiatric Expert Witness Network, you ensure your case receives attention from the finest, most suitable experts. 

Expertise matters, and we've assembled the best for you. Reach out for a consultation or to discover more about the Psychiatric Expert Witness Network's offerings.
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Our Panel

Every member in the Psychiatric Expert Witness Network is a distinguished psychiatrist or psychologist, recognized with awards and boasting vast forensic psychiatry experience. At Trust Expert Resourdes we ensure each expert excels in their specific specialization through a rigorous vetting process. Many of our members are esteemed medical school professors in psychiatry, and several have led national organizations within their expert fields. Additionally, the network is enriched by the wisdom of two esteemed senior consultants.

● Paul McHugh,M.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Former Chairman of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital, who consults on ethical issues in forensic psychiatric work.
● Don Meichenbaum,PhD., a founder of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, who consults on issues related to trauma and psychotherapeutic techniques.
Some areas of expertise among the network’s members include:
● neuropsychology
○ neuropsychological testing
○ brain trauma
● child and adolescent psychiatric care
○ school-based psychology services
○ child custody cases
○ treatment of children with special needs
○ special education standards
○ preparation of child witnesses
○ Treatment of children with psychological illnesses related to severe medical problems such as cancer or organ transplantation
● clinical standards of care
○ mental health administration
○ treatment algorithms
○ psychiatric malpractice
○ impaired medical professionals
○ personality assessments
○ psychiatric interview techniques
● correctional psychiatry
○ Prison suicide
○ Forced false confessions
○ sexual harassment and assault
● specific conditions
○ post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
○ mood disorders
○ schizophreni
○ gender identity disorder
○ obsessive-compulsive disorder
○ anxiety disorders
○ sequalae of disasters and terrorism
○ psychiatric disorders comorbid with medical illness
○ psychiatric sequelae of severe childhood medical illnesses including organ transplantation and cancer
● workplace malpractice
○ Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
○ Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
○ professional sexual misconduct
○ wrongful termination of employment
● personal injury cases
○ toxic tort law
○ workplace injuries
○ product liability
○ injury due to psychiatric misdiagnosis
○ psychiatric injury due to medical misdiagnosis
● litigation
○ competency to stand trial
○ insanity defense
○ competency to confess
○ faking mental illness to mitigate criminal punishment
○ disability evaluations
○ multi-plaintiff litigation
○ mitigating factors in criminal punishment
○ criminal court evaluations
● Refugee mental health
● suicide
● psychopharmacology
● geriatric psychiatry
● multilingual treatment issues
● community psychiatric treatment
● physician and police fitness for duty evaluations
● contested wills
● dangerousness assessment
● white-collar crime
● police coercion and misconduct
● civil rights suits
● Multiple other subspecialties relevant to specialized litigation
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psychiatric expert witness

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