How to Save Time and Money On Your Next Psychiatric Depression Case

In 2015 the World Health Organization reported that depression is the number one cause of disability world wide. Patients with major depression may continue to function suboptimally: at least 50% of these have cognitive complaints affecting functioning in areas including the workplace. In the elderly, depression may actually mimic dementia.  However, in terms of disability, a test like the CNSVS by a psychiatrist that knows how to interpret it may be crucial to making your case regarding return to work issues.  The CNSVS test is often so useful it prevents the need to resort to the much more comprehensive batteries of tests by neuropsychologists which are lengthy and expensive. As opposed to neuropsychological testing, CNSVS testing can be administered to monitor cognition over time and determine if the patient is ready to return to work, needs to go on disability, or requires job accommodations.

When utilized in the proper setting by a skilled and experienced psychiatrist, CNSVS can be an effective tool in determining the extent of cognitive deficits such as dementia and depression, and can save time and money in having to hire additional experts, such as neuropsychologists, and unnecessarily complicating your case. For more information about how Dr. Pistone or any of our other trusted experts can assist you on your next case contact us at 412-433-0200. Or, fill out the service request for below and we will contact you shortly.

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