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February 26, 2024
How to Write a Certificate of Merit

What is Included in a Certificate of Merit? Understanding how to write a Certificate of Merit encompasses is crucial for expert witnesses and legal professionals navigating the complexities of legal cases, particularly in malpractice and personal injury lawsuits. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to drafting a Certificate of Merit, ensuring it meets the […]

February 26, 2024
What is a Certificate of Merit

In the legal landscape, a Certificate of Merit stands as a pivotal document, especially in malpractice lawsuits. This certificate serves as a gatekeeper, ensuring that lawsuits have a basis in fact, rather than conjecture. Let's dive into what makes a Certificate of Merit an essential part of the legal process. Certificate of Merit Meaning A […]

February 23, 2024
Comprehensive Guide to Expert Witness Retainer Agreements: Everything You Need to Know

A Step-by-Step Guide Clarity is non-negotiable when it comes to an expert witness retainer agreement. Consider an instance where an agreement specifies a $1,500 non-refundable retainer due upfront, yet also outlines a cancellation policy offering refunds if cancellations occur two weeks before the scheduled deposition. This contradiction raises the question: Is the retainer refundable or […]

February 20, 2024
Beyond the Courtroom: The Real Work of Expert Witnesses

The journey into the world of expert witnessing often starts with visions of dramatic courtroom battles, where experts stand firm against intense cross-examinations, swaying the outcomes of high-stakes trials with their testimony. While these moments do happen, the reality of expert witness work is markedly different and far more nuanced. The bulk of an expert's […]

February 2, 2024
Expert Witness Retainer Agreement FAQ
January 31, 2024
What is an Evergreen Retainer and Why is it Important?

An evergreen retainer is a financial arrangement in an expert witness retainer contract that maintains a constant prepaid balance.

January 31, 2024
Get Paid in Advance for your Expert Witness Work

The most important part of any expert witness retainer agreement is to make sure you receive prepayment for your services.

January 26, 2024
Understanding the Daubert Standard for Expert Witnesses

The legal system relies on the expertise of specialists to shed light on matters that fall outside the common knowledge of judges and juries. The integrity of this process is safeguarded by various standards, among which the Daubert Standard is predominant in determining the admissibility of expert witness testimony in federal courts and many state courts. This standard originates from the 1993 Supreme Court case Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which reshaped the landscape for expert evidence.

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