An Expert Witness and Case Management Company

A Trusted Source for Medical Expert and Case Management Services

Trust Expert Resources serves both the legal and insurance industries with trusted medical experts and medical-legal consulting, as well as provides case management services for its experts. Working for both referral sources and experts gives us the unique opportunity to know and understand our customers’ needs and to meet their expectations.

Expert Witness/Medical-Legal Consulting

Trust Expert Resources has assembled an outstanding panel of medical experts that provides medical record reviews, independent medical exams, and testimony for depositions and live trial appearances to the legal and insurance communities. We pride ourselves with providing experienced, highly skilled expert witnesses with superior communication skills. When you hire an expert, you need and expect credibility in the courtroom. Our experts are leaders in their medical specialty fields, are well published, and are frequently invited to participate in academic and professional continuing education programming as key note speakers.

Case Management Services

Trust Expert Resources provides full case management services for medical professionals called upon to provide independent expert opinions in legal cases. While putting your knowledge and talents to use as an expert witness can be rewarding, it also requires a lot of time for busy work, like scheduling, summarizing thousands of pages of records, finalizing reports, billing, and payment collection. That’s time away from your medical practice for activities that you probably don’t enjoy.

You can continue seamlessly with your medical practice and avoid using your clinical staff for these independent pursuits by using Trust Expert Resources. Regardless of where your referrals originate, we will manage administrative activities associated with legal cases, from identifying appropriate cases for you, to coordinating schedules, to providing all medical-legal technical writing for case organization, to finalizing reports containing your opinion and assessment. We will also perform all billing and collection on your behalf. You can pick and choose what we do for you, and we offer two different fee schedules to reflect that flexibility.

Contact us for a free consultation and to learn more about how you can take advantage of our services. Regardless of the state in which you practice medicine, Trust Expert Services can help you grow your independent medical expert portfolio.


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